Case Study:
Tank Lining

The Project

A 110k litre tank used to store fuel at a Sainsbury’s forecourt in Droitwich was showing signs of fatigue and corrosion. The tank was 18 years old, but budgetary constraints meant the client did not want to replace it.

Adler & Allan took this into consideration and proposed an alternative, cost-effective solution which would bring the tank back into a usable condition for years to come, offering significant costs savings compared with replacement and save on unnecessary waste.

The Solution

Adler & Allan’s tank cleaning and maintenance team used mechanical abrasion and 6000psi water jetting to remove all contaminants and any flaking of the existing coating. Welds were first reinforced with a stripe coat of Jotamastic 80 MIO, a specialist epoxy mastic coating. Two applications of the same protective coating were then applied over all external surfaces of the tank, finished off with a further two coats of Hardtop XP in grey.

Protective coatings and linings are ideal for extending the life of tanks and other assets, saving money on unnecessary replacements. We offer some of the toughest and most durable protective linings on the market, creating a waterproof and chemical barrier that is extremely fast setting so downtime is kept to a minimum.

The Outcome

Following corrosion removal and coating, our solution has extended the life expectancy of the tank by ten years or more. All works came in under the client’s original budget and there was no interruption to refuelling activities.

PDF version available here