Case Study:
Roof Lining

The Project

A large pitched roof on a BT cabling manufacturing site at Blackley, Manchester required urgent patch repairs. Some lead ashing was missing on the internal gable and general disrepair had resulted in water tracking through the roof on to water sensitive equipment below.

The client, British Telecom Facilities Services (BTFS), wanted a solution that allowed for continued use of the site whilst repairs were carried out, a fast-return to service and longevity.

The Solution

After inspection of the site, Adler & Allan put together a specification and plan for treatment of the 25 m² patch repair affected area.

The Adler & Allan team carried out an initial wash down of the roof, removing vegetation and cleaning the surface. The defective lead ashing was removed, and gaps and cracks on the surface of the roof sealed with Rallithane 810, and elastomeric sealant. Stainguard rapide primer was then hand applied. Finally, a 2 mm thick Adalline® 400 polyurea coating was then applied through our trailer spray rig system.

The roof was lined with our unique Adalline 400 polyurea coating, adding to the roof structural integrity whilst providing long lasting and durable protection. Adalline™ is a highly versatile lining which is suitable for practically any internal or external surface, and in this case encapsulated brickwork on the gable end wall, welsh slate tiles, and corrugated aluminium and steel sections. Finally, to stop any water tracking underneath the lining, and provide another level of protection, the open edges were nished off with Rallithane soft joint beading.

The Outcome

Adalline 400 has purposefully been developed with a very fast setting time after application so the teams were able to carry out the repair and re-lining works with minimal disruption on site. The client was extremely satisfied, taking confidence from the 10 year guarantee of the product, which provided a lasting barrier against the general degradation of the roof, reducing the need for future repairs. Consequently, the client has contacted Adler & Allan with enquiries about using the lining on other BTFS sites nationwide.

PDF version available here