Case Study:
Fuel Sampling and Fixed Fuel Polisher Installation

The Project

Following the analysis of samples taken from the bulk tanks used to provide back-up fuel for a leading finance institutes data centre, it was decided that fuel required polishing to ensure the tanks were kept free of contamination. With this data centre home to such critical information, a fixed, on-site fuel polishing machine was suggested to minimise the risk of future fuel contamination.

The Solution

Adler & Allan installed a fixed polishing machine into the existing fuel system, designed to remove metals and debris of up to two microns through a magnetic particle filter and water separator. The polisher was setup to automatically run every day for four hours, circulating the fuel and removing any contaminants.

The Outcome

With the new polisher installed, the risk of future fuel contamination is substantially lowered, ensuring the smooth operation of the crucial commerce centre.

PDF version available here