How FM Companies Can Increase Value To Organisations

7 Nov How FM Companies Can Increase Value To Organisations

Posted at 16:11h

Facilities Management is in the midst of a significant transformation.

While it remains an industry largely driven by cost reduction, FMs and their clients are finally beginning to realise that there are many drawbacks to this penny-pinching model.

This is further supported by FMs’ changing approaches to outsourcing. Traditionally, outsourcing has been seen as a means of driving down the cost of specialist service delivery. Today, things have changed. While cost continues to be a key competitive factor, the primary driver for outsourcing today is the superior level of expertise that specialist service providers can offer.

As similar trends continue to emerge, it is clear that FMs need to focus their efforts on delivery, adopting an outcome-driven approach instead of a commodity service underpinned by frugality. By doing this, FMs can considerably increase their value to organisations.

This paper outlines three strategies for doing so.

Download the full white paper here


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